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Why work with ELORN PLANTS?

A seed potato produced in a quality region with a climate conducive to early exports

ELORN PLANTS has been producing and marketing quality Breton seed potatoes since 1996. Our company is based in Finistère (29) in Brittany, a region renowned worldwide for the quality of its seed potato production and the earliness of its shipments. Thanks to its temperate oceanic climate, with sea breezes limiting the populations of aphids carrying virus diseases, Breton seed potato production meets the health specifications of the most demanding countries.

Because of its location, the Breton peninsula is also protected from external contamination due to major traffic flows, unlike potatoes from Northern Europe. These natural qualities have enabled Brittany to obtain protected area status from the European Union.


Producers with a long tradition of quality

Elorn Plants was created on the initiative of 5 family businesses that have been producing seed potatoes for several generations. We also work with other growers who specialise in the production of seed potatoes, and who are equipped with storage facilities and packaging tools that ensure the very high quality of our seed potatoes over time. 

Each producer is independent and has its own storage facilities, giving us the flexibility and responsiveness to meet our customers' demands. 


A range of varieties adapted to many markets


We offer a wide range of varieties from the Bretagne Plants Innovation plant breeding station. Our varieties are selected according to the needs of our customers, based in different parts of the world. We have several exclusive firm-fleshed, multi-purpose consumption and export varieties, as well as varieties in the public domain. Some of our varieties are available for organic farming.

Elorn Plants is renowned for the quality of its varieties, particularly for export. We export our SYNERGY, ELODIE, AZILIS and SAHARA varieties to African and Middle Eastern countries. For the European market, we deliver the following varieties: KALYS; ELODIE; AZILIS and ATOLL.  For the French market, we mainly ship the varieties ATOLL; AZILIS; MANUREVA, as well as the firm-fleshed varieties POMROLL; GALANTE and ELEGANTE.


A network of specialist distributors


Elorn Plants has a network of specialist distributors in over 30 countries. We work with numerous distributors in Africa, the Middle East and Europe. 

Elorn Plants has chosen to have just one distributor per country, which means that they have exclusive rights to our varieties in their country. The distributor's role is to develop our varieties, promote the Elorn Plants brand and distribute our plants in their country.


Benefit from a quality potato plant delivered by Elorn Plants

With over 25 years' experience, Elorn Plants has the logistical know-how to organise deliveries of seed potatoes to its distributors. 

There are several ways of delivering seed potatoes: refrigerated containers, lorries or full ships. 

In order to preserve the quality of our seeds and ensure maximum transport security, we make every effort to surround ourselves with the best service providers, who over time have become our partners.


Varietal development

In partnership with Bretagne Plants Innovation, we are developing new varieties in response to new agronomic challenges and consumer trends. Elorn Plants offers new hybrids to its distributors, as markets evolve, to further enhance its range of exclusive varieties. 

Every year, we carry out trials of our hybrids in the target countries, to check whether or not the characteristics of a new variety match local consumer habits and farming practices.



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