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Varietal development of seed potatoes

Varietal development is at the heart of ELORN PLANTS' commercial development. In order to expand its variety range and meet the agronomic challenges and new consumption patterns, ELORN PLANTS uses three different approaches.



The Kerloï research station, which is run by the Bretagne Plants Innovation teams, creates new potato varieties and selects those that are best suited to the needs of the markets and plays a major role in the competitiveness of the Brittany seed potato sector.


Elorn Plants buys the distribution rights for new varieties that are most likely to enrich the range of varieties already on the market. Over the years, Elorn Plants has built up a complete and exclusive range, which you can find here.





 The co-breeding fields are selection fields managed by Elorn Plants in which crosses from Bretagne Plants Innovation are planted. Before planting, Bretagne Plants Innovation provides the list of available genitors to Elorn Plants, which draws up a crossing plan from this list. The company orders 20 additional crosses per year. For one crossing, this is about 50 to 70 tubers. During the first three years of cultivation, an annual selection is made by Elorn Plants on agronomic criteria. At the end of the 4th year, the selected hybrids are tested by Elorn Plants and Bretagne Plants Innovation on shape, number and yield. In the 7th year, the tests are more advanced and include criteria such as percentage of dry matter, culinary quality, shock resistance and disease resistance. Parallel tests to the co-breeding fields are carried out at our customers' sites in France, Europe and in the destination countries (Africa and Middle East).







Our varietal development also involves testing our hybrids in the target countries. Each year, our distributors set up trial platforms to validate or not the compatibility of the characteristics of a new variety with local consumption habits and agricultural practices.


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