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The production of seed potato

ELORN PLANTS, certified seed potato grower in Brittany

Our network of seed potato producers is made up of 40 farms, the vast majority of which are in Finistère, with a total surface area of 900 hectares of land. Brittany is a region renowned for its high sanitary quality, thanks in particular to the mild oceanic climate of the Breton tip and the low pressure of aphids and contaminating insects.

These characteristics make Brittany an early production region that offers the possibility of delivering to customers from the beginning of the season (starting at the end of September).

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Each seed potato production company is independent. The producers, in commercial partnership with ELORN PLANTS are paid to multiply the seed potatoes which are then sold on their respective markets. Their mission is to maintain the highest level of quality throughout the growing cycle and also after the harvest during grading, packaging and storage in order to meet the strictest regulations.

The elaboration of the production program

The ELORN PLANTS production program is elaborated according to the strategic orientations desired by the company, the ELORN PLANTS varietal panel and the customers' demand. It results in the cultivation of exclusive ELORN PLANTS and public domain varieties by the seed potato growers. This leads to a declaration of plantation which then allows the identification of the lots.

Regulations to be respected

In order to obtain the best possible conditions for the production of potato seeds, the producers respect a minimum rotation of 4 years between each potato crop. This allows to limit the sanitary risk and the presence of foreign plants (regrowth). In addition to this, a series of mechanical soil preparation operations, the application of fertilizers according to needs and finally the planting of potato plants in ridges or beds are carried out.


The follow-up of the production

The yields of the seed potatoes production are ensured by a rigorous technical follow-up from the seed potatoes producer in order to preserve the crop from the risks of diseases (example: Phytophthora infestans) and viruses. The technician of the Official Control Service (SOC) also participates in the follow-up of the seed potatoes production in order to certify the quality and to ensure the traceability of the batches. The Official Control Service (SOC), is also independently involved in the certification of our seed potatoes. This certification is materialized by the delivery of the blue certificate. This one is attributed to a batch which corresponds to a plot, a genealogical origin and a sanitary classification.





After production, harvesting and packaging


Once the production phase is over, an important stage begins, harvesting. This is an essential stage for the quality of the potato seed, which must be carried out in optimal conditions in order to limit mechanical damage. ELORN PLANTS seed potato producers are equipped with ultra-specialized equipment to achieve the cleanest possible harvest, with a minimum of stones or cut tubers for example.


Once the crop arrives at the farm, there are two possibilities depending on the seed potato producer's packaging line. Either the crop is directly pre-calibrated at the field exit before storage, or a drying and cicatrization period is observed before the sorting and grading phase. This drying period, which lasts about 30 days, is very important because it allows the tubers to heal following the shocks received during harvesting, which limits the risks of entry of bacteria or fungi such as Fusarium.

When the seed potatoes are well healed, ELORN PLANTS sends a preparation order to the producers so that they can pack the potatoes to deliver the customers. Different types of packaging exist and depends on the destination of the seed potatoes: 25 kg polybags, 50 kg jute bags, 1 ton 250 kg big bag.

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ELORN PLANTS seed potato growers have buildings for storing their production, which allow them to meet the needs of customers both on the export market from September to December, and on the spring market from mid-March to mid-May. This storage capacity of seed potatoes production is achieved through refrigerators, silo storage, pallet boxes etc.

These equipment’s require particular skills to the seed potato producers who must master perfectly their tool and maintain optimal storage environments.

The objective is to make sure that the potato tubers go into dormancy in order to prepare them physiologically for replanting at our customers'.


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