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Our story


  • 1996: Creation of ELORN PLANTS by 5 farms specialized in potato seeds. The aim was to promote Brittany's seed potatoes on the international scene, to buy the right to distribute exclusive varieties and to become independent on the commercial side. Acquisition of the ELODIE variety.
  • 1997: Multiplication and registration of ELODIE in the official French catalog. Acquisition of the variety Justine
  • 1998: Big promotion operation " Elodie forever " with the creation of an audio CD, creation of the first Internet website. Reception of the Minister of Agriculture Mr LE PENSEC. Registration of Justine in the official French catalog.
  • 1999: Change of legal status for ELORN PLANTS from a GIE to a SARL. Acquisition of the Floriane variety. Exhibition at the SIMA show in Paris.
  • 2000: Registration of Floriane. The company passes the 5,000 tons commercialized mark.
  • 2001: Establishment of the first multiplication contracts with new Brittany producers. 7 000 tons commercialized.




  • 2002: Development of multiplication contracts: 10 Brittany producers. Exhibition at the World Potato Congress in Cairo, Egypt.
  • 2004: Shipping of a 1 500 tons boat to Libya. Tonnage commercialized 10 000 tons.
  • 2005: Hiring of François LEOST for the follow-up of production and the commercial development in export markets.
  • 2006 - 2008: Registration of Galante, Fringante and Triomphe in the French catalog. Marketing of 14 000 Tons of seed potatoes. Launching of trial fields and co-obtaining crosses.
  • 2008 - 2013: Development of multiplication contracts on more than 500 hectares in Brittany. Acquisition of several varieties including SYNERGY registered in 2010. Hiring of a technical salesman for the development of the French market.
  • 2016-2019: Driven by the success of Synergy, ELORN PLANTS sees its sales increase from 16 500 tons in 2016 to 21 700 tons in 2019. In parallel, acquisition of several varieties including Azilis, started in organic farming.
  • 2021: Installation in the new offices located in the Pont Bleu area in Sizun. The company is equipped with a functional building composed of offices and a technical room. ELORN PLANTS represents 950 hectares of land for 25,000 tons of seed potatoes, produced by 40 farms and has 12 exclusive varieties in its variety panel.
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