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Transport of seed potatoes

Reactivity, flexibility and performance are the key words of our packaging and logistics processes.


Order preparation :


As soon as our customer confirms the date of receipt, our logistics department sends a preparation notice to one or more of our 40 packaging sites. Indeed, our producers are professionals, specialized in the production of potato seeds, they are autonomous and have ultra-efficient tools and equipment’s guaranteeing a quality work. Thus, the merchandises are stored in controlled temperature, prepared, packaged and loaded on their place of production. The equipment allows us to bag in polypropylene bags of 25 kg, in jute bags of 25 or 50 kg and in Big Bag of 1250 kg, all on pallets. Shipments are made throughout the season from mid-September to mid-April.


Transport : 


The quantitative and geographical diversity of our markets leads us to modulate our transport methods. Our delivery units range from 100 kg to 3 500 tons and extend from our door to faraway places...


Therefore, we use three main transportation modes:

  • Road transport used for our French and European markets and some Maghreb countries.
  • Maritime transport by chartering full refrigerated ships carrying 2,500 to 3,000 tons for a single destination or a single customer. These ships are loaded at the port of Brest, located less than 30 km from our warehouses. This mode of transport remains punctual and exceptional but is nevertheless part of our teams' skills.
  • Transport in refrigerated maritime containers, each of 25 to 26 tons. Our organization gives us the capacity to load from 1 to 50 containers for the same destination on a single day. During loading at the packaging sites, each container is equipped with a temperature recorder that our customer can retrieve at destination, with a direct reading in USB port, to ensure that the temperature instructions requested for transport have been met. We ship nearly 600 containers per year via the ports of Brest, Montoir or Le Havre.

In order to preserve the quality of our potato seeds and to secure the quality of our transports, we do our best to surround ourselves with the best service providers who have become our partners over the years.    


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