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Seed potato DESIREE Variety

The DESIREE variety potato seed is a public domain variety whose tubers are red in colour with yellow flesh intended for the table market and for export.

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DESIREE seed potato - Public domain variety

The DESIREE potato seed is a variety recognized in the red-skinned potato market. Its good proportion to produce large tubers and its good conservation capacity are important assets of this hardy variety. ELORN PLANTS markets the variety DESIREE for the organic market.



Descriptive characters of DESIREE seed potato

High size
Erect growth habit
Semi-frames type







Agronomic characters of  
DESIREE seed potato

Maturity group 4.5 (Medium to mid-late)
Share of big tuberrs 7 (strong)
Vegetative rest 8 (very long)
Incubation 7 (low sensitivity)
Storage capacity 4 (fairly low)

Descriptive characters of DESIREE seed potato tuber

Oblong shape
Regularity 6 regular
Eyes depth 7 superficial
Red skin
Yellow flesh 


Culinary characters of DESIREE seed potato

Culinary group B - C
Dry matter 21.6 % 
After-cooking blackening none
Disintegration during cooking fairly low
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