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Potato varieties Versatile consumption

The KALYS potato seed is a variety that is suitable for both the French and export markets. It is a mid-early variety that is suitable for the preparation of home fries.
The MANUREVA seed potato is a polyvalent, washable consumer product. Its regularity of skin and its washability give it an excellent presentation.
The AGRIA potato seed produces tubers with yellow skin and dark yellow flesh with a good proportion of large size. This public domain variety was registered in 1985.
The CARA potato seed has the particularity of having a yellow skin marked by red eyes. Very versatile, it can be eaten as home fries.
The DESIREE variety potato seed is a public domain variety whose tubers are red in colour with yellow flesh intended for the table market and for export.
The MONALISA variety potato seed is a versatile consumer variety registered in 1982 in the French catalogue.
Seed potato ELODIE variety
The ELODIE seed potato is the historical variety of the ELORN PLANTS company. It has the particularity of being able to address the French market as well as the export market.
Seed potato ATOLL variety
The ATOLL seed potato is intended for the current consumption market in the AGATA segment. An early variety with a bright yellow skin and excellent washability.
Seed potato AZILIS Variety
The AZILIS seed potato is the most blight lat resistant variety in the ELORN PLANTS range. Produced organically and conventionally, it is intended for multipurpose consumption.
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