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Export market seed potatoes

The SYNERGY seed potato is ELORN PLANTS' flagship export variety. Very high yields and hardiness both in cultivation and storage are the assets of the SYNERGY variety.
The KALYS potato seed is a variety that is suitable for both the French and export markets. It is a mid-early variety that is suitable for the preparation of home fries.
The CARA potato seed has the particularity of having a yellow skin marked by red eyes. Very versatile, it can be eaten as home fries.
The NICOLA variety potato seed is a variety widely recognized by consumers. Listed in the catalogue in 1983, it has established itself thanks to its gustatory quality and performance.
The Spunta variety seed potato is a flagship variety in the world of potatoes especially in export markets. Elorn plants have always offered it.
The SIEGLINDE variety seed potatoe is grown by ELORN PLANTS for Italy. Of salad category, it has a very good gustative quality.
Seed potato ELODIE variety
The ELODIE seed potato is the historical variety of the ELORN PLANTS company. It has the particularity of being able to address the French market as well as the export market.
The SAHARA potato seed is a mid-early variety for the export market. It produces large regular tubers with light skin and pale flesh.
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