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Seed potato SIEGLINDE Variety

The SIEGLINDE variety seed potatoe is grown by ELORN PLANTS for Italy. Of salad category, it has a very good gustative quality.

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SIEGLINDE seed potato - Public domain variety

The SIEGLINDE seed potatoe is a variety of salad category cultivated by ELORN PLANTS especially for the Italian market. A mid-early variety with yellow flesh and yellow skin, it has an excellent taste and culinary quality.


Descriptive characters of SIEGLINDE seed potato

Middle size
Semi-erect growth habit
Leafy type







Agronomic characters of  
SIEGLINDE seed potato

Maturity group 7.5 (Mid early)
Share of big tubers 5  (medium)
Vegetative rest 3 (short)
Incubation 3 (sensitive)
Storage capacity 3 (fairly low)

Descriptive characters of SIEGLINDE seed potato tuber

Oblong shape
Regularity 7 regular
Eyes depth 7 superficial
Yellow skin
Yellow flesh 


Culinary characters of SIEGLINDE seed potato

Culinary group A
Dry matter 19.5 % 
After-cooking blackening none
Disintegration during cooking low
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