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Seed potato AZILIS Variety
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Seed potato AZILIS Variety

The AZILIS seed potato is the most blight lat resistant variety in the ELORN PLANTS range. Produced organically and conventionally, it is intended for multipurpose consumption.

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Les atouts AZILIS

AZILIS seed potato - Exclusive ELORN PLANTS variety

The AZILIS potato plant is ELORN PLANTS' most blight resistant variety. This resistance makes it suitable for both organic and conventional farming. It also performs very well in crops that comply with agroecological specifications. It is intended for the multipurpose consumer market and produces tubers with an excellent presentation.



Descriptive characters of AZILIS seed potato

Medium size
Semi-erect growth habit
Intermediate type







Agronomic characters of  
AZILIS seed potato

Maturity group 5 (Medium)
Tuberization maturity 7 (early)
Share of big tubers 7 (strong)
Vegetative rest 5 (medium)

Incubation 3 (sensibility)
Storage capacity 8 (good to very good)

Descriptive characters of AZILIS seed potato tuber

Oblong to elongated oblong form
Regularity 7 regular
Eyes depth 8 very superficial
Yellow skin
Pale yellow flesh 


Culinary characters of AZILIS seed potato

Culinary group A - B
Dry matter 18 % 
After-cooking blackening none
Disintegration during cooking good to very good 

Frying staining 5 medium

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Les atouts AZILIS

The advantages of the AZILIS seed potato - Exclusive ELORN PLANTS variety

  • Resistance to late blight
  • Yield 117% of BINTJE
  • Variety with good vegetative vigour
  • Available as organic or conventional potato seed

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